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Attributed Author

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I guide the transformation of innovative vision to written reality, creating an authentic voice for business and healthcare leaders with seasoned experience honed through interviews with industry leaders.

Strategic book content and development services include:

  • Definition of objectives and creation of a marketing plan.
  • Manuscript development.
  • Manuscript editing and refinement.
  • Guidance through the marketing and promotional process.
  • Development of a social media promotion plan.
  • Creation of promotional content.

 My services are tailored to your needs. I can collaborate with you to outline, develop, and write your manuscript, or edit your manuscript to hone content to your business and promotional objectives. I work with design, production and book launch publicity resources to evaluate available publishing options, consult on design development and marketing, draft and edit book promotional materials, and secure book reviews and testimonials.

About Relevance: Matter More

As the attributed author for Relevance: Matter More, a business book co-authored by Phil Styrlund, CEO of The Summit Group, and Tom Hayes, founder of Riley Hayes, I created a voice to merge the inspirational public speaking style of Phil Styrlund with the thoughtful storytelling approach of Tom Hayes. I worked collaboratively with the authors to outline, structure, and write the manuscript, researching and contributing to content.

In addition, I worked with the Relevance production and book launch publicity teams, evaluating publishing options, consulting on design development and marketing, drafting and editing book promotional materials, contributing to social media book promotion, and securing book reviews and testimonials.

Relevance identifies the four dynamics that allow people, organizations, and products to become truly relevant. Authenticity, like our DNA, creates a singular relevance that is the ultimate vaccine against commoditization. Mastery is the ultimate expression of greatness, because being good just isn’t good enough. Empathy is the ability to understand people’s needs so we can bring them the right thing at the right time. But without action, authenticity, mastery, and empathy are tools sitting idly in a toolbox. Relevance brings together the best thinking of today with the best thinking ever to help anyone who truly wants to matter more. Our book launch will be celebrated on September 18, 2014.