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406 N Wacouta St
St Paul, MN, 55101
United States


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As the publisher of M.D. NEWS, I have known and worked with Marian for more than seven years. Her professionalism is impressive; she is a great asset and invaluable to the success of our magazine. She is self-directed, accountable, reliable, and able to take on demanding challenges and provide stellar results.  Marian turns interviews into well-rounded, highly anticipated articles and delivers beyond my expectations time and time again. I trust my most important assignments to her while relying on her expertise to bring out the best, which she does every time.  I truly can say that M.D. NEWS is a better publication since Marian started writing for us.  The effort and results that are directly related to Marian’s work would benefit any organization.

– Troy Anderson, Publisher,  M.D. News-Minnesota


Marian imbues every word she touches with her elegance and grace. She is not merely a writer, she is a craftswoman. Marian’s inquisitive mind allows her to absorb and process information quickly. She layers that with an empathic sense regarding what a project needs and offers insight and nuance that give the copy particular relevance to the reader. Meticulous as well as efficient, Marian saved our agency tens of thousands of dollars by catching errors that were unnoticed by others. Marian adds immense value to any project or team.

– Kat Dalager, Freelance Creative Wrangler (formerly with Campbell Mithun)


Marian is truly a gifted writer, but I am unable to stop there. Marian is a true thinker in today’s marketplace of ideas. She takes on many of life’s subjects and develops a set of beliefs based on her brand of pragmatism. Her bullshit meter is always set on high. She is a seeker of the truth. I highly recommend Marian; I just can’t think of anyone that I respect more. Her talents are varied and she is a trusted mind in this ever-growing information age.

Nick Vedros, Photographer, Vedros & Associates


As a healthcare marketing consultant, I know the very high standards that physicians and healthcare technology and medical device business leaders insist upon. I chose Marian to speak directly with my client’s customers, who are radiologists and medical imaging leaders. Her intelligence, healthcare acumen and interpersonal style not only increased our ability to “get through” to these high-level individuals, but also extracted very valuable information that was so crucial for the execution of our marketing strategies. With this strata of individuals, it is a rare skill, and Marian not only exceeded our expectations, but drew compliments to us from those with whom she spoke. Anyone working in healthcare with physicians or C-level executives should consider working with her.

– Beth Frost-Johnson, President, Frost Johnson and Associates


Marian and I met soon after she moved to Minnesota. Her intellect and open personality combine in a razor-sharp mind that is a joy to engage. I have worked with her on a number of projects for the Minnesota Magazine Publisher’s Association and in each of our consulting practices, seeking wise counsel and finding it.

Hervey Evans, Executive Publisher, Children’s Publications at National Wildlife Federation


Want your writing to sound smart—I mean really smart? Marian Deegan is the #1 go-to writer/editor/proofreader in town, hands down. She’s one of the most articulate, powerful communicators I have ever known, and I feel lucky that we’re colleagues and friends. She over delivers every time. Don’t even get me started, because I will sing her praises from the rooftops all day long!

– Camille Benoit, Principal, Velocity 3


After one easy conversation, Marian brilliantly captured my design philosophy and the Asian inspiration that underlies my garment line. I love the bio she wrote for me. The acceptance speech she crafted for my National Fashion Institute Award won compliments from everyone. She was able to put into a few elegant words exactly the feelings I wanted to express.

– Susan Bradley, Founder, Susan Bradley Designs