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When Kentucky’s “most prolific trial law firm” expanded its practice beyond medical malpractice defense, McMillen Creative gave it a major brand makeover,repositioning the Louisville firm as “a nationally recognized civil defense firm dedicated to protecting and defending high-exposure clients against civil lawsuits in Kentucky and Indiana. “Leveraging OBT’s reputation in the courtroom, they introduced a new tagline, “Bench Tested,” and developed a full line of print and electronic marketing materials. Fortuni partnered with McMillen Creative to incorporate the firm’s branding message into its new print and electronic marketing materials.


When complex medical procedures are challenged, successful legal defense requires bench-tested experience, knowledge of medical terminology, and the ability to clearly convey that knowledge to a non-medical jury.

O’Bryan, Brown & Toner has been a respected leader in medical malpractice defense since 1991. Our attorneys have a stellar reputation for defending high-exposure liability issues through the use of zealous advocacy and candid counseling. We speak the language of medicine, healthcare and insurance. In a firm where every partner and associate litigates, we are nationally recognized for excellence, innovation, and success in resolving high-exposure cases.

Our clients are attracted by our proven reputation in the courtroom on behalf of nationally known physicians, healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics. Our practice encompasses defense of claims in all federal and state courts throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We emphasize early analysis of claims that represent exposure for our clients and accurate determination of the extent of that exposure. Our approach frequently involves identifying qualified healthcare specialists who can analyze medical-legal dilemmas and provide expert testimony on our client’s behalf. We use our comprehensive knowledge of county, state, and federal court personnel to select the expert whose knowledge, credibility, and personal style best contribute to the achievement of our client’s objectives.

Our significant personal and professional community ties give us a thorough understanding of the cultural factors that influence jurors’ points of view. At trial, we make compelling presentations, translating highly technical medical terminology into plain language a jury can understand. Our reputation as highly skilled, aggressive litigators also proves useful during settlement negotiations. Adversaries understand that our attorneys will be formidable court opponents if an equitable settlement is not reached.

We marshal our medical acumen, bench-tested litigation skill, and invaluable knowledge of regional courts to defend our clients and achieve successful outcomes.

Fowler Measle & Bell retained McMillen Creative to elevate its identity beyond that of an established, local insurance defense firm. McMillen Creative developed a research-based marketing and branding plan. The plan repositioned Fowler as the Kentucky bankruptcy and litigation law firm sought by local and national clients for its ability to find practical solutions to complex legal issues. Fortuni partnered with McMillen Creative to write attorney bios and practice group descriptions reflecting the new branded market position.



Evolving technology, policy and regulation reforms, and today’s global marketplace require every business to work harder and smarter.

Positioning Companies for Competitive Success

At Fowler, our commercial attorneys are trusted business advisors committed to enhancing our clients’ competitive edge. With more than 30 years of experience, the Commercial Law group combines seasoned skill and strategic knowledge of emerging law with a personal understanding of a client’s goals. The results are practical, real world solutions. We monitor developing trends to help our clients exploit emerging opportunities and identify innovative alternatives for tough business problems. By working proactively in the emerging area of alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys are able to assess and guide clients efficiently through new mediation and arbitration options. Knowledge of current trends in real estate law has made Fowler the first choice of homeowners’ associations. Our commercial attorneys are straight-talking problem solvers with the knowledge, experience and trusted community reputations to help clients achieve goals and resolve challenges.

Diverse Resources Devoted to Sound Growth Strategies

We support our business clients with a range of services including day-to-day advice,deal negotiation, transactional representation, entity formation, real estate counsel, insurance, collections, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights proceedings. When a matter requires the skill of attorneys in Fowler’s other practice groups, our firm’s diverse resources provide clients with seamless yet focused representation. Companies we represent include manufacturing, technology, service and banking.

Respected Business Advisors

Fowler’s commercial attorneys are listed in The Best Lawyers in America®. Their extensive business network is cultivated from decades of dedicated community service as well as long-standing professional relationships. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the states of Kentucky and North Carolina and Federal Courts of Appeal.

Like our business clients, we know that there is no substitute for thorough preparation, dedication and hard work. We are responsive advisors committed to exploring innovative alternatives and finding solutions that achieve and add value to business goals.